JFT Activities

Gift basket activity 2020
Date : 31/01/2020

The company has organized a lucky draw event to give a New Year gift basket to employees.

New Year’s party activities 2020
Date : 10/01/2020

Johnan F.Tech Thailand has organized a party event The new year is on 10/01/2020 with a health examination activity. Sports activities And sheer eating in the evening

JFt. Blood donation activity 2019
Date : 14/11/2019
The company has organized blood donation activities for employees to participate in helping society.

JFt. Fire drill 2019

Date 31/10/2019
The company has organized fire fighting practice activities. To review employees with the knowledge of the fire

JFt. Chemical rehearsal 2019

Date 30/09/2019
The company has practiced chemicals. Leaks for the year 2019

JFt. Company Trip 2019

Date 16/08/2019 – 17 /08/2019
Johanan F.Tech Co., Ltd. has organized annual tourism activities. This year, traveled to Chonburi
And have activities Connecting employee relations

JFt. trainning with Johnan Japan
Date : 2/7/2019-7/7/2019
On 2/7/2019 57 to 7-7 / 2019 JFT member Go to Japan to trainning with Johnan Japan

JFt. Environmental Management Training System
Date : 22/05/2019
On May 22, 2019, the company organized a training course on Refreshment, Environmental Management System. To increase knowledge for employees of the organization

JFt. Birth Day Party 2019
Date : 17/05/2019
Johan F.Tech Thailand LTD. Activity I have been in the early morning of 17/05/2019 and have had activities. Eat in the evening

Donate Used lockers
Date : 25/04/2019
Johanan F.tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Donate used lockers to the Sala Poon School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

Kick the ball connect the relationship
Date : 17/03/2019
The company has organized activities to kick the ball to connect employees’ relationships.

Blood donation activity 2019
Date : 4/02/2019
The company has joined Blood donation activity on 3 Feb 2019 .

New Year Party 2019

Date : 21/12/2018
Johnan organized the annual New Year Party Event on 21/12/2018 and has sports activities to connect employees’ relationships to unity.