JFT Activities

JFT Activities

First aid Trainning

Date : 18/08/2018
Due to the company Johnan F.Tech Thailand Ltd. The importance of rescuing injured persons. It has trained staff to know the first aid. To help close people and others.

Birth Day Party

Date : 18/05/2018
Johan F.Tech Thailand LTD. Activity I have been in the early morning of 5/15/2018 and have had activities. Eat in the evening

Present Kaizen

Date : 14/03/2018 
Johan F.Tech Thailand LTD. The Kaizen event, which invited the winners of the Kaizen Contest from Johnan Japan to Present, was a guideline for Kaizen for Johnan F.Tech Thailand.

Sport Day

Johnan F.Tech (Thailand) Ltd. has organized sports events for employees. The relationship and harmony within the organization.

Garbage activities

We carry out activities to reduce the environmental burden by targeting environmental policies.

New year party

The company has held a New Year’s Eve party. New Year To meet and celebrate the win the company has prepared.