Training Greetings within the company

Date : 9/09/2017 train participants Be aware of the importance of Good human relations in organizations and clients.
2.To provide participants Can understand and appreciate the importance of effective communication etiquette.
3.To provide participants with an insight into the process of satisfying internal contacts and customers.

Fire drill
Date : 20/10/2017
A training program for firefighters and fire evacuation drills are intended to staff availability. When this happens, fire The introduction to the fire. The firemen came to the knowledge. With the cooperation of all executive staff to attend to hope the knowledge gained will be very useful in case of an emergency

Training Change Management

Date : 28/10/2017
Johnan F.Tech recognizes the importance of change management, and manages change management training.

1.Increase your chances of success of the organization
2.Reduce the risk of losing quality employees.
3.Reduce the loss to the overall organization
4.Reduce the loss to the customer

Blood Donation

Company objectives
Date : 14/11/2017

In order to encourage the Inter alia, to take place in Thailand and to be part of the supply. And Blood Donation To the National Red Cross Blood Center will have blood donated in this. Utilized in the medical In order to help his fellow man

Chemicals Practice

Company objectives
Date : 10/11/2017
1. To provide participants with knowledge. And practice the correct and safe handling of chemical wastes.
2. To provide participants with practical requirements Tai line that is correct about the buck to Redness Anas. The revenue from the chemical storage industry.Chemical Waste Industries sending gages and procedures in case of emergency.
3. To reduce the risk of accident Tai Feng Chemical Security for referring the Operating Tai. Resulting from the collection of industrial waste chemicals not.Wythe was