Fire drill
Date : 8/10/2016 
A training program for firefighters and fire evacuation drills are intended to staff availability. When this happens, fire The introduction to the fire. The firemen came to the knowledge. With the cooperation of all executive staff to attend to hope the knowledge gained will be very useful in case of an emergency.


Date : 28/04/2017
Kaizen events Industrial activity is mostly adopted as a tool to manage costs and reduce waste by encouraging employees to participate in such activities. But to do such things to achieve it. Those who are responsible for managing. Or driven kaizen Must have knowledge and techniques. In order to be used in management.


To provide participants with a better understanding of the management Kaizen events. Kaizen system and preparing to push for a successful kaizen events.

Spirit Of Teamwork

Awareness of coexistence
Date :11/03/2017
1. To work under the corporate culture of Japan.
2. Role of self in compliance with company regulations.
3. To make the work happily and teamwork.

Waste separation training
PR activities Garbage area inside the factory
Date : 28/03/2017
PR activities Dump area Within the factory, there is a general reclassification hazard to improve the process and prepare for the ISO 14001: 2015 system. To comply with the company’s environmental policy and reduce the environmental pollution of the community. And environmentally friendly