Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

Environmental Policy

In order to protect and protect the environment and keep improving it continuously, we will devote ourselves to moving towards a more comfortable society through the production of human and environmental friendly items with purpose. To conserve the world environment in accordance with Thailand’s environmental policy All employees are committed to:

  1. Comply with other laws and regulations. The environment is strictly related.
  2. Use resources and energy efficiently
    “Recognize and recognize the limits of resources and energy in business activities.”
    – Reduce (waste control)
    – Reuse (reuse without any conversion process)
    – Recycle (recycle resources for re-use)
  3. Conservation of biodiversity
    In business activities, we will undertake work on environmental protection measures, taking into account the ecological and natural environment impacts.
  4. Regularly and continuously improve the operation of environmental management systems
  5. Outreach and make everyone aware of environmental policies, including company employees and interested parties.

Environmental Target of 2023

  1. Control the oil & grease value not over 10 mg/L