JFT Activities

JFT. Fire drill 2020

Date 30/10/2020
The company has organized fire fighting practice activities. To review employees with the knowledge of the fire


Date : 15/10/2020

It increases the efficiency of quality measurement work by adding a convenient device for measuring electricity. Provides ease of use and more accurate readings from the measurements.


Prevention of Covic-19
Date : 12/02/2020

Due to the birth of COVIC-19 regulations around the world, the company has avoided the umbrella spread of companies with dams.

                 “We will fight COVID-19 together”

1. Everybody wears a mask all the time, from getting in the car to the whole time of work.
2. Temperature measurement of all employees before getting into the car to work
3. Check the temperature again before entering the factory and wash your hands with alcohol gel.
4. Measure temperature and check for wearing masks of third parties before entering the company.
5. Leave a distance for walking in line at the point that must be shared equipment, such as finger scanning, dining, etc.
6. Open the door to ventilate in a confined place to allow air to flow.
7. Add the elixir gel in various places, meeting rooms and the point of contact from outside parties.

Gift basket activity 2020

Date : 31/01/2020

The company has organized a lucky draw event to give a New Year gift basket to employees.

New Year’s party activities 2020
Date : 10/01/2020

Johnan F.Tech Thailand has organized a party event The new year is on 10/01/2020 with a health examination activity. Sports activities And sheer eating in the evening

JFt. Blood donation activity 2019
Date : 14/11/2019
The company has organized blood donation activities for employees to participate in helping society.

JFt. Fire drill 2019

Date 31/10/2019
The company has organized fire fighting practice activities. To review employees with the knowledge of the fire

JFt. Chemical rehearsal 2019

Date 30/09/2019
The company has practiced chemicals. Leaks for the year 2019

JFt. Company Trip 2019

Date 16/08/2019 – 17 /08/2019
Johanan F.Tech Co., Ltd. has organized annual tourism activities. This year, traveled to Chonburi
And have activities Connecting employee relations

JFt. trainning with Johnan Japan
Date : 2/7/2019-7/7/2019
On 2/7/2019 57 to 7-7 / 2019 JFT member Go to Japan to trainning with Johnan Japan

JFt. Environmental Management Training System
Date : 22/05/2019
On May 22, 2019, the company organized a training course on Refreshment, Environmental Management System. To increase knowledge for employees of the organization

JFt. Birth Day Party 2019
Date : 17/05/2019
Johan F.Tech Thailand LTD. Activity I have been in the early morning of 17/05/2019 and have had activities. Eat in the evening

Donate Used lockers
Date : 25/04/2019
Johanan F.tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Donate used lockers to the Sala Poon School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

Kick the ball connect the relationship
Date : 17/03/2019
The company has organized activities to kick the ball to connect employees’ relationships.

Blood donation activity 2019
Date : 4/02/2019
The company has joined Blood donation activity on 3 Feb 2019 .

New Year Party 2019

Date : 21/12/2018
Johnan organized the annual New Year Party Event on 21/12/2018 and has sports activities to connect employees’ relationships to unity.