Environmental Report 2017

About the 2017 Quality Report

Johnan F.Tech Thailand LTD . has decided to issue an environmental  report from this year on wards. This report is a summary report and compilation of environmental management systems and statusResults. Environmental work Related to activities Business

We want to be useful in sharing and sharing stakeholder information  (stakeholder) and strengthen the awareness of environmental conservation within the company Along with environmental disclosures the aim is to creat

Top Management Message & Commitment

Message from the president of the company

Our company is engaged in producing environmentally friendly products in business activities, promoting and promoting energy conservation and
Recycle activities In order to be able to bring in limited resources for effective use. And carry out environmental activities
More convenience is intended to be a social being
Protect the natural environment of Thailand that is well equipped with natural environment, comply with environmental laws and regulations.
he environment is enhanced with the support of training in environmental awareness. And make all employees have. Environmental interests are increasing.
Environmental and regulatory compliance, compliance and compliance goals, will help to calculate and assess policies. The environment is very good.
1. Improve recycling rates by separating waste.
2. Consider an energy-saving format when new machines are introduced.
3. Improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

I will continue to work as a topic / subject that needs to be constantly improved.
It is our intention to work with the company to achieve our goals.

Representative Managing Director Ikeda Hirouki
Representative Managing Director Mr.Ikeda Hirouki

Covenant of Environmental Management

Our company, was ISO14001 certified in 2008, and after that, the system was checked in normal cycle and renewed. The certificate is constantly evolving.

We will comply with the laws of Thailand. And conduct the entire company activities to protect the natural environment.

<Looking back on 2016>

To date, our environmental operations are ambiguous and unclear. To reduce waste or waste from the production process. By doing so. Make employees aware of and know about recycling.

<Operations Management in FY 2017>
This year, the goal is to conduct the following 3 goals:

1. Improve recycling rates by separating waste.
2. Consider an energy-saving format when new machines are introduced.
3. Improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

especially The separation of the waste in section 1, will continue from the previous year. To make everyone accept and take seriously. In addition, to cope with. ISO14001-2015 Changed in November 2015, we will be implementing the Environment Management Manaul solution, and then start to use it.

          Mr.Hizawa Daizuke

Certificate renewal ISO14001: 2004

On an annual audit in September 2016, the effectiveness of the environmental management system was examined. ISO14001: 2004 And was approved for further certification by SGS, the audit firm, presented the matter to the judging panel.

Internal audit

JFT’s environmental management system is consistent and complies with the requirements of the JFT. ISO14001: 2015 In addition, the Internal Audit Board conducts a one-year audit to verify and confirm that the results are as intended.
Auditing Period 2017/06 / 26-28 (Mon) ~ 2015/10/30 (Wed)
Internal audits, in order to assure specificity and neutrality, have been investigated, judged irregular. Follow up the correction by a team of internal auditors who are not affiliated with the inspected department. And then connect with the Management Review.

Compliance with laws and regulations.

Publish a list of laws and regulations into the computer’s intranet, corporate network. And to prevent errors in the implementation of laws and regulations in practice, we also have to monitor progress / progress in the implementation. The “Regulatory, Regulatory, Regulatory, Regulatory, and Environmental Regulatory Schedule” is then reviewed and confirmed by the Management Meetings held monthly